Charleston Part 1: Lots of Eating!

October 3, 2011 — 5 Comments

A Beautiful House and Gate in Charleston

I had big plans for posting while we were on vacation last week! Then I discovered that it is really hard to edit a post on an ipad! I had a couple of posts almost ready to go, but I wanted to do the last of the editing while I was down there, which became very difficult so I decided to put off posting and enjoy my vacation. So alas I am behind! I will work on getting some of those posts up in the next couple of days while I try and catch up on everything else.

The Restoration on King, which has large 1 and 2 bedroom loft apartments with full kitchens

We really enjoyed our vacation and anniversary last week! We spent part of the time in Pawley’s Island with my inlaws and then had a few days away in Charleston (without the kids). We love Charleston and if the weather wasn’t quite so hot I would definitely consider moving there. Lots of beautiful houses and window shopping! We stayed in an amazing hotel (Restoration on King) and ate a LOT of good food. We are foodies and especially LOVE local and regional food. In Charleston there are no shortage of great restaurants. Here are some of the restaurants we tried…

Amen Street, where we had delicious fresh local oysters for lunch

McCrady's is kind of fancy and where we dined on a 4 course meal including crab salad, duck, lamb and goat cheese panna cotta

At Husk, just named Bon Appetit's best new restaurant in America, we could only get lunch reservations. All the food including the olive oil in sourced from the South. I had butternut squash soup and Mr. S. had some REALLY creamy shrimp and grits, but the best part was the bacon butter!

Fig (which stands for Food is Good) was our FAVORITE restaurant. I had the best soft shelled crab ever and Mr. S. had some delicious pig. From the outside it isn't as pretty to look at as the other restaurants, but it more than makes up for it in its food!

I still have more photos to go through from our trip of some of the beautiful architecture and details of Charleston so stay tuned for another post highlighting some of my favorite!


5 responses to Charleston Part 1: Lots of Eating!

  1. I love restaurant recommendations, thanks for sharing some of your favorites with us! Did you guys eat anything that you will try to recreate at home?

    • I have been meaning to buy a cast iron skillet for a while now and after having the delicious corn bread made in it, I think it might actually make me pick one up. I wish they weren’t so heavy to haul around though!

  2. I loved that pork butter so much at Husk I asked that they give me some to go (with the rest of our cornbread and rolls)!
    Will have to try Fig next time!

    • When were you guys there? If I would have known you had been their recently I would have asked you for recommendations (since you are Super Foodies!). Now I have pork butter on the brain! We also had a side of cornbread that was cooked in something similar that was quite tasty. Definitely give Fig a try. Everything was so delicious! It is interesting because we had dinner at 5:30 on a Wednesday (the only time available that day) and it has been open for at least 7 years, so unlike Husk it isn’t busy because it is new. It was also definitely filled with mostly locals.

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