A Litte Scattered Today

January 23, 2012 — 2 Comments

My Bamboo

I hope everyone had a good weekend! I’m feeling kind of scattered today. My list of work, errands and paperwork is long! The weather is really depressing, gray skies with periodic rain and melting snow. I don’t have much basement progress to report. We did manage to come up with a strategy on how we are going to install the rigid insulation in the basement(since ideally we won’t attach directly to the waterproofing membrane on the walls).  I’m also feeling sad about taking the bamboo out, I quite like how it droops in the snow.

Sam & Me, drawn by Sam (I'm not quite sure what to think about my hair)

In other exciting family news Maisie is now potty trained (fingers crossed everything goes well at preschool today)! Sam also drew me a lovely picture of the two of us yesterday. So I will be back tomorrow with some more interesting things.

I will leave you with a picture of my firefighting duo.

Maisie & Sam in their fire gear!




2 responses to A Litte Scattered Today

  1. Thanks for the happy kids pics, they are a nice pick-me-up on a grey day. Is there any chance of sinking some kind of deep boundaries around the bamboo to restrain it, rather than digging it all up? I know it would be a ton of work, but so will the process of eliminating it.

    • Hi Stacey,

      I would consider putting in the 30″ deep boundary, but according to what I have seen (still not the actual ordinance) it would have to be “professionally installed” and it has to be more than 10′ from the property line. errrr…. That is why I am leaning towards trying to put some in big planters, although seeing how much they tend to lean in the winter, I can imagine the planter falling over.

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