Andi & Neil’s Kitchen Part 10: Trimwork, Wall Prep & a Microwave

August 26, 2011 — 2 Comments

East Wall: The fridge is currently pulled out so it looks more jumbled then it actually is.

North Wall w/ new microwave (the trim for the underside of the upper cabinets has not been installed yet)

West Wall w/ new window casing

Southwest corner (need to pickup butcher block for the existing radiator cover)

Detail of Cabinet w/ brick and beadboard ceiling. I think the combination of these look great together! (touch up painting for the crown molding still needs to be done)

I stopped by Andi and Neil’s house yesterday to see how things were going. They are getting close to being done! The cabinets and trim look fabulous thanks to all of Chris & Kent’s hard work.  The to do list is getting much shorter and the end is almost in site (although I’m not sure Andi & Neil would agree with this right now). The countertops were templated last Friday, unfortunately we are looking at another 1-2 weeks before they can actually be installed (it appears that one of the downsides of using the Ikea countertop companies is that their cue is quite long). The contractors will be finishing up most of what they can do until the countertops are installed today.  The items left on the list:

Miscellaneous Trim:

-Undermount trim for the upper cabinets (we need to get the clips for these, for some reason Ikea didn’t supply them like they should have).
-Missing side panel for one of the upper cabinets (we need to get this and then have it painted)
-Last of the crown molding for the upper cabinets (waiting for missing side panel)
-Make removable side panel for fridge. This will have a tackboard on the upper part and a chalkboard on the lower part.
-Pick up last set of doors and drawer fronts at painters


-Finish Priming Walls (scheduled for today)
-Paint walls creamy yellow


-Finish sealing wood floors


-Install pendant lights (after a couple of weeks on backorder they are finally ready to be picked up at the store)


-Install countertop
-Pick out small piece of butcherblock for counter above radiator (possibly at Home Depot or Ikea)

After countertop:

-Install sink and dishwasher
-Install range
-Patch walls after counter in installed around opening to Sunroom


-Decide on knobs for upper cabinets and handles for drawers. We decided to wait on this until we see the countertops in place.


-We decided to wait on this until the counters are installed.  Tile will go on the north wall backsplash behind the stove.



2 responses to Andi & Neil’s Kitchen Part 10: Trimwork, Wall Prep & a Microwave

  1. We are buying Ikea cabinets (boxes already installed) in white and having solid woods doors (scherrs) made and then painted (we figured their finish would stand up better).

    My question is this – should we buy Ikea trim and side panels and toe kick and try to paint it or should we order trim from the cabinet company (expense and time)? The Ikea trim just clips on easily and would be less expensive but the side refrigerator panel contractor needs to install now with cabs so would need to be painted in place. The complications are making me consider just having gray door with all else white (trim or toe kick) or just getting white doors…

    Any advice on how hard it would be for us to paint Ikea trim ourselves and have Scherrs paint doors?

    • Queensaar, I would recommend buying the toekick, side panels and under cabinet trim from Ikea. All of these fit perfectly and install quickly (I love how the under cabinet trim goes on so easily with the clips). I would consider leaving the toe kick white, since it sits below the cabinet and will get scuffed over time. For the side panels and under cabinet trim, I would consider painting those to match your doors. Those won’t get the same kind of wear as a door, so they should hold up better even if they are professionally shop painted. In our case we used standard Home Depot trim for the trim above the cabinets and had them painted to match.

      You might also ask the company making and painting your doors if they would paint the trim for you as well.

      Good luck!

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