July 9, 2012 — 2 Comments

So today is my birthday. I am feeling a bit tired after a long weekend of running around. I also have lots to get done today, but I feel very blessed to have such loving family and friends. xoxo

Mr S. let me open my presents yesterday. We have already made use of the ice cream maker (I am in love with Buttermilk Ice Cream) and my big present is an air compressor and nail gun kit by Porter Cable. I haven’t taken it out of the box yet, but I am already imagining the projects I can take on with it, including trim and uphostery. Does anyone have any tips for using an air compressor nail gun? I have only used the ones with the cartridges before (which I find too loud and heavy to use regularly).


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  1. Happy belated birthday! We have almost the same set. The finish nailer has gotten huge usage building up built-in casework and cabinets over the years. I started using the staple nailer more recently to build trellaces for the garden and then started using it for backings for bookcases/cabinets. The holding power of 1″ staples is awesome. Only issue with pancake compressors is they are SO loud! Invest in a 50′ or 100′ hose and just keep the compressor in the basement!

    • Hello Old Friend! Good thought on the long hose. I was thinking that when I use it I could put it out in the back bulkhead to the basement (so the sound would be muffled). I don’t know why we didn’t buy them sooner. I’m getting really tired of pre-drilling small holes and nailing brads and small nails in for the trim. I still haven’t decided what our first project should be, although there is some trim around the house that could use some attention.

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