Blooming This Week: A Sea of Blue and Purple

April 12, 2012 — Leave a comment

Bleeding Hearts w/ Brunnera

We are still in the heart of the spring time blue and purple time of my garden thanks to the forget-me-nots, brunnera, Virginia bluebells,  pulmeneria, violets and chionodoxa. Once the weather warms there will be a lot more orange, but for now the cool colors are in control. There are little spots of pink thanks to my bleeding hearts which look lovely against the cool colors surrounding them.



I have a soft spot for violets. Their delicate flowers and a sign of spring to me. All of mine are rescues from the lawn and have since self seeded (they are one of the first things that I planted in my beds). They look lovely now but will most likely be eaten later in the summer by the bunnies. I am okay with this since they are good about reappearing again, and since I prefer the bunnies to eat these over some of my other plants.

Ostrich Fern w/ Hosta

Variegated Solomon seal

The hostas, ferns and Solomon seal are also almost all out as well. The Ostrich ferns have arisen out of no where and are looking very tall and straight. The weather has been extremely dry for this time of year so it feels like some of the growth has slowed and with no rain in the forecast for another week, I am not quite sure what that will mean for the plants. I did water some of the newer plants on Sunday, and it looks like I will need to give everything another drink soon. The plants are use to lost of moisture this time of year, so I am concerned about what this will mean as late spring and summer approach.

Allium Karataviense Sprouting

My Allium ‘Karataviense’  have started sprouting. I was inspired to plant these by this picture from Tovah at Plantswise:

Alium 'Karataviense' with Caramel heuchera (coral bells)

Since I already had a bunch of the heuchera caramel I decided to add the allium. What I am surprised at so far is how beautiful the leaves are on the ‘Karataviense’. Most alliums do not have particularly impressive leaves, in fact the leaves often disappear by the time that they bloom but these leaves have purple edges and striping. I can’t wait to see how they look once they are flowering. Here is the link back to my rendering in the fall of how I hoped that they would look.

What is blooming in your garden right now?

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