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craftroom-progress011614-1Another quick update here! Our Craft Room is getting closer to being finished. The cabinet beadboard doors are in, and all that is left in construction world are 2 shelves and lots of paint. The doors are designed very similar to the ones I did for the basement. They also match the original doors to this room (which I why I chose to use them). There will be some additional ones as we work our way through the third floor, since we have several more eave spaces that I want access to. craftroom-progress011614-2In an ideal world I will have the room painted and start putting furniture in by the end of the weekend. Now it is time to see how optimistic I am being (fingers crossed). tower-progress011614-1 In the meantime our contractor has been busy in the tower. The loft is in (although we still need to add some extra posts) and he has installed one of our old Ikea shelving units from our bedroom. He had to cut 6″ off the bottom to make it fit (over a boxed out AC duct). I’m excited to use something that I had sitting in the garage. The plan is to line either side with some light framing and closet doors. tower-progress011614-2He is going to work some more on the ceiling today. Mr. S. and I are SUPER excited for this space! The kids keep asking to go up and check out the fort. Since it is still a bit of work in progress, we haven’t let them up there yet (although Mr. S. tested it out when the weren’t there and gave it a thumbs up). Also for the first time last night we were able to flip a switch and have light, which was amazing! For years we would literally use a flashlight at night to come up to the third floor to get something. Now we have lights in all of the rooms up here. Sometimes it is the small things!

Next up is the ceiling in the tower! Can you tell I’m excited?

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