Fall Is Here

October 14, 2011 — 1 Comment

A Barn Spider (one of several in the backyard). The kids LOVE to watch him. Fortunately I am told that they are not poisonous. This one (at least the 3 generation at this location) lives right on the deck where the kids can visit him often. We also found out the Charlotte (from Charlotte's Web) is a Barn Spider. Apparently they rebuild their web every night. No words yet!

This week has been crazy for me and I am feeling pretty worn out at the moment and I am really looking forward to the weekend. The last couple of days the weather has been drizzly, not a good pick me up! Fortunately the sky is starting to brighten up today although the ground is wet and the leaves have started to drop (and the mosquitoes are still out in force). It is really feeling like fall! I decided that it was a good morning to take some pictures of the yard (while I let the kids run around for a little bit). So I hope you enjoy!

The birch tree is starting to drop its leaves. I love how the small yellow leaves look, unfortunately it is difficult and time consuming to get them out of the planting bed.

This lace cap hydrangea is still going! The pink flowers have faded to this lovely pinky wine color. My other hydrangeas gave up long ago.

Most things have stopped blooming but the toad lilies are just getting starting to reach their full bloom and should go for another month or so.

I planted some lily tubers this spring (on special at Home Depot). It took forever for them to come up. It is a pleasant surprise that a couple of them finally decided to bloom, especially so late in the season.

These chives look lovely. I planted these from seed several years ago in a pot on my deck. They survived the winter so I put them in the ground. They have been happily growing ever since. I quite like the seed heads (which were lovely white balls over the summer). Plus they are handy for dinner!

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend! We will be eating lots of apples and hopefully hanging out at home (although the basement demolition is still lurking and there are still a few perennials that need to go in the ground). It might be time to turn the gas logs in our fireplace back on in the Living Room. We barely got to use them this spring (by the time they were installed). Of course this means that the batcave and the pink princess castle will have to move to another location.


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  1. Wishing you a peaceful weekend, Heidi, your plans to settle in at home sound wonderful!

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