Garden Arbors

March 21, 2011 — 3 Comments

On this most dreary spring day, I thought I would show some of the Garden Arbors I am considering for the backyard. For Mother’s Day last year my lovely husband tried to buy me a garden arbor (to help hide the compost pile & provide an additional element to the back garden). Well last year came and went and I still hadn’t decided on an arbor. There are many to choose from in all different materials and finishes but I think I finally may have found a winner. Let me know what you think! Stay tuned for the installation…


-42″-48″ wide opening to allow for a wheelbarrel
-Have a gate to help hide the compost pile
-Work stylistically with the adjacent garage
-Require minimal maintenance
-Have enough supports to allow for a vine to grow
-Ideally made in the USA

Material Choices:

The Astoria, $299



Pros: Nice appearance, will blend in with the adjacent wood garage & is stainable
Cons: Requires maintenance (restaining/sealing wood every few years)


Pros: Minimal setup required. Shouldn’t require much maintenance.
Cons: Typically more open appearance (may not hide the compost pile as well as I would like)

The Monaco, $234

The Vienna, $219



Pros: No maintenance required
Cons: Only comes in white (may not blend with garage), the nicer ones tend to be pricey

My Final Selection:

I found someone on Ebay who makes Cedar Arbors in Texas. Plus then I can get the exact size I want and he can add a gate for a really good price.

My Selection: Custom Cedar Arbor, $239



3 responses to Garden Arbors

  1. What an attractive solution! Do you plan to stain it to match the garage, or will you seal it to keep the natural wood look?

    • I think I will either stain it to match the light green on the garage or I might go a little more colorful and stain it to match the terracotta color on the garage door. hmmmmm…. It might be nice to get more color in that corner. Maybe I will go 2 tone and do the gate in terracotta and the arbor in green.

  2. Yay Heidi! You’re so organized – I loved following your process & like your final selection. Can’t wait to see the installation photos.

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