Hallway Coatrack Update!

January 4, 2013 — 4 Comments


A month late, but it is done! We have hooks and storage and it was finished just in time for Christmas. I think I made it harder on myself by modifying a Martha Stewart Shelf from Home Decorators. Although it at least gave me a starting point, which until recently I was lacking.


I spent a good portion of time sanding off the finish so I could put on a walnut finish to match the other trim in the hallway. I also made a different top that was longer, shallower and solid oak (1×12). I went back and forth on the shape of the corners and actually planned to make a more complicated corner, but I wanted to route the edge so in the end I cut a corner with a jigsaw and sanded it into a radius, which I think looks pretty nice. Finally we (i.e. Mr. S.) routed the nice edge detail around the 3 sides.


The narrower depth also made sure that the shelf didn’t over take the hallway which I was concerned about. The lower shelf is the one that came with the shelf. Fortunately it is in shadow so it isn’t too noticeable that the finish is different.


I also added the very important backer boards for the hooks (which makes installing the hooks much easier and gives it a more polished look). I used 1×4 oak and routed a chamfer on the top and bottom. Since I decided to use animal knobs for the smaller hooks, I had to spend way too long drilling larger holes on the back to allow for the nuts and washers.


I also spent a couple of hours cutting the bolts down to fit without sticking out the back. Then I applied 2 coats of walnut stain to all of the bare wood. I  hung the lower backer board first since it didn’t need to fit in between the shelf and i was getting desperate for coat storage.


Then I hung the shelf using the hardware provided and finally screwed the upper hook backer board in last. Finally I picked up a couple of baskets at Target. These are now holding the mail and the kids artwork (2 items that were taking over the kitchen counters).


Here is how it was before. I’m not quite sure why I left that small coat rack for so long.


And here is a detail of my hooks. I am totally in love with these animal knobs. I still have a couple more things to do in the hallway (i.e. some new carpet tiles) but it is such a relief to have this up and working. So far the kids have actually been reasonably good about using it.

What do you think?


4 responses to Hallway Coatrack Update!

  1. Gretchen@Boxy Colonial January 5, 2013 at 2:31 am

    Oh my! Those animal knobs are AMAZING! I’m following posts like this with great interest lately, as a new, more functional coat rack area is high on my to do list right now.

  2. Just came over from your comment on YHL. What a great idea and well worth all the work you did! Like your site, too.

    • Hi Karen! Welcome and Thanks! The coatrack is very well used. Now if I could just get my little ones to be so good with other things around the house.

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