Holiday Card Part 5: 2011 & Happy Holidays!

December 23, 2011 — 8 Comments

So here is it for those who were waiting patiently….

I would like to wish everyone a joyous holiday season!


If you are one of my family member and you haven’t received our card yet, they are in the mail (really!).

For this year’s card we decided to move everyone around the scene. And since Mr. S. & I still prefer the blocks to our kids it only seemed fitting that we should be playing with them.

The colorful blocks are the Alexander Girard Alphabet Blocks by House Industries. These were one of the first things we bought for Sam (even before he was born). They are a little pointy on the corners so they only come out on special occasions. They have carved letters, hand silk screens puzzle and letters. Plus one side has the beautiful carved suns on it (one of the things Alexander Girard is most famous for).

Girard Blocks

Girard Suns

*To see all of our holiday cards click here. Does anyone have a favorite?

**I will be posting a few things next week in between all of the family time.


8 responses to Holiday Card Part 5: 2011 & Happy Holidays!

  1. Oh, this is simply adorable! I love the switch! Sam is looking so grown up. And, I really like your sweater, Heidi!

    • Thanks Martha! Hopefully you got your copy in the mail yesterday. Sam is so funny, he likes getting dressed up all “snazzy” and posing.

  2. I LOVE THIS CARD! (just clicked over from YHL)

    I looked back at your other Holiday Cards, and I must say, they’re adorable! Is it a running joke that your husband is wearing the same pants in every one of them? I think it’s hilarious! (I assume it’s intentional and not coincidence)

    • Hi Amanda,

      Thanks and Welcome! Those are Mr. S’s unofficial holiday pants. You can usually find him in those pants several times over the holidays. He tends to vary his cardigans (from his vast collection). Sam prefers to dress like his dad, although this year he wanted to look like Dr. Who. I always wear an apron (either his Grandmother’s old one or one that I picked up at Anthropologie a few years ago on sale).

  3. I am seriously in love with this!!! I may have to share this with the girl who does our family pics and do some kind of twist on it!! This is seriously adorable!!! šŸ™‚

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