Homemade Christmas Ornaments and My Great Aunt Emily

December 22, 2011 — 1 Comment

Our Christmas Tree

I like crafts, but I can’t say that I am gifted in the crafting arts. However there is one person who I look back on and am amazed at the things she created, my Great Aunt Emily. My grandfather’s family was full of very creative people. My grandfather was amazing at making things, including our beloved rocking horse Horsey (which he made for my mom when she was a little girl). I still remember him putting together little buildings for my brother’s train set. They were all PERFECT (he wouldn’t except anything less). One of his brothers was even a professional artist who painted many magazine covers. But my grandfather’s sister Aunt Emily was the master of crafts. She sewed quilts, knitted blankets, painted ceramics and made elaborate Christmas cookies. But my very favorite thing was her Christmas ornaments! Every year for Christmas when I was growing up I would receive a box containing several handmade ornaments. Depending on the year they varied but they were always so amazing. Even as her eyesight started to fail, she shifted into using simpler cross stitch and yarn.  I thought I would post up a few of my favorites. The kids ADORE them! We have a hard time keeping them on the tree. As you can see they are very well loved!

Some of my Aunt Emily's Christmas Ornaments


Sam's first Christmas riding on Horsey w/ Grandma

*Tomorrow I will post up our 2011 Holiday Card. I am waiting until most of my family gets them in the mail (which will hopefully be today and tomorrow!).

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  1. The little duck toy ornament made me smile, how very sweet!

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