Ikea Summer Accessories

April 26, 2013 — 2 Comments


While we were at Ikea ordering up our PAX closet system, we did a quick trip through the store (after all why not take advantage of the ballpit for a bit). I wasn’t on the search for anything in particular, but I saw some really cute summer accessories that I couldn’t resist. How cute are these summer items? So colorful! My favorite are the flamingo cups ($1 a piece).


Here is a breakdown of some inexpensive summer accessories that I picked up and a few more that I considered:


Rotera Lantern for Tealights, Ikea $3.99

I didn’t pick up this large glass lantern, but it was really nice in person. I need to think of how I could use it before I can justify picking it up.

Has anyone picked out any cute accessories from Ikea lately?

P.S. Our closets are in the garage waiting to be assembled. Pretty exciting! Now please try and excuse my dusty wrinkled clothes for a couple more weeks while we get our room together.


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  1. I haven’t bought anything cute — from IKEA or anywhere else — recently, but it’s in the works! I’ve decided our front porch needs the fun factor amped up this season. I love the tray you got! And the lanterns are very cute — think I can retrofit a bug zapper into one? Or have any ideas for cute bug zappers??

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