Master Bedroom Rug

November 19, 2012 — 5 Comments

New Striped Rug

I think this should be entitled “Why does it take an entire weekend to put in a carpet?”. I guess that is what happens when you have 2 “helpers”, a heavy bed, years of dust underneath and a big rug. The good news is that it is in and my feet enjoyed stepping on it this morning. It is a major upgrade from our old sisal rug. The colors are a little darker than I would have liked in an ideal world, but it goes nicely with our brown leather bed.

Testing out the rug

Next on the list is deciding on curtain fabric, hopefully this won’t take as long as it took me to find a carpet or pick a gray wall color!  I didn’t want to finalize a curtain fabric until after the carpet was in. I am actually glad I made that decision. The rug is definitely bold, so I thinking about stepping back on my plans for red curtains.  At the same time now that I have gone bold, I can’t go too plain on the curtains. hmmm…

Mood Board from last Month

This is where I last left off with my Mood Board. I am still leaning towards the gray fabric featured, but I feel like it would be better with a little bit more color mixed in.

Curtain Fabric Options w/ Gray Wall Color & Artwork

I took out some fabric samples and put them up on the cat tree (which will be relocated when we finish the room) for inspiration. I feel like the light gray is too washed out paired with the carpet. I do feel pretty strongly that I need an organic pattern with some curves to balance out the stripes in the carpet and the geometric pattern on our bedspread.

Here are a few other options I am considering:

Curtain Fabric Options

Do I go gray or choose something with some color? Am I completely crazy?



5 responses to Master Bedroom Rug

  1. The rug looks so lovely and soft, I hope that you continue to enjoy it! How about sticking with the gray fabric you like, but adding a pop of color with a ribbon applique?

    • Love the new rug. It looks really plush! But I think you’re right about balancing it out with the curtain. I’d do something with gray as a secondary colour but pulling in a main colour from the rug. Of the options you posted, #2 would work nicely!

      • Thanks Jen! I should add that I am planning on “borrowing” your curtain layout from your bedroom. With our strange wide radiators I want to do a double wide french pleat on either side and have the artwork stay in between the windows.

    • Hi Stacey. I like the idea of the ribbon applique. Now I will have to see if I can find one that is suitable.

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