Master Bedroom Update: Closet Doors

June 10, 2013 — 2 Comments


I hope everyone had a great weekend. It is raining here AGAIN! We had 5 1/2″ of rain on Friday and it looked like this. Yuck! The only one who didn’t seem to mind was Sam. His preference was to get his head as WET as possible.


The weather was actually nice on Sunday, but it is back to pouring rain this morning. Fortunately the roofers fixed most of the leaky spots on the roof on Thursday. They still have a bunch of little stuff to do, but at least we are making headway. I keep trying to get some photos of the garden, but the weather is not on my side!


In the meantime we did manage to install the Ikea PAX Hemnes doors (painted white) this weekend. I think that they look great and I no longer feel like I am sleeping in a walk-in closet. A longer post is in order, but we did need to do some hacking with the PAX because it is designed so that a drawer and it track can’t overlap with a hinge, and when there are 4 hinges per door that is a problem. Fortunately the internet came to the rescue and we literally hacksawed some drawer slides.  I also still need to decide on knobs/handles. I was originally planning on going industrial.


But now I am feeling like maybe going a bit more vintage in style like this porcelain knob with a wood finish ($9.99):

Or this Milk Glass Knob ($9.99):


I also love this Eastlake ring pull ($6.59). Unfortunately it is only about 1 3/4″ tall which I think will look too small:


Does anyone have any suggestions? I think I am still suffering from decision fatigue. We have a crazy week ahead. It is the last week of school and we have kindergarten graduation (part 2) coming up. Needless to say there have already been a few tears shed as my little guy starts to grow up.


2 responses to Master Bedroom Update: Closet Doors

  1. I hope I never have to buy new hardware, there are just too many options . . . I like the porcelain knob (reminds me of a bennington door knob), but I think the doors would look best with a longer handle – maybe something like a dummy door pull like they install on french doors?

    • Meg, I agree. I have something in mind, but of course it was on clearance and they sold out before I bought them. So back to the drawing board!

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