New Porch Steps!

May 5, 2011 — 2 Comments

The kids watching the carpenter work

View looking towards front of the house. New Steps partially complete (concrete is still setting).

View from porch looking back towards the patio

View from side gate (near the patio) towards the front of the house

Our front porch is in need of a little love but fortunately our carpenter has come to the rescue!

The poor L-shaped porch sits out there and bakes in the southwest corner of the house. The pine floor board typically need to be painted every other year (which we are behind on) and the railings are falling in a couple of places. In addition, we really wanted to add a second set of steps to the side yard. One of the weird things about our porch/yard is that there is no easy access to this part of the yard and the porch dead ends on the kitchen door. This work has been on our list for over 2 years, so we finally broke down and hired someone else to do most of it. In the past we added handrails to the main steps and did some minor patching.

For the new stairs, they have to fit in a tight space because of the steep hill down to the street but I realized that we could just fit them and a small paved spot at the bottom. I still haven’t quite decided which material to use at the bottom. I’ve gone back and forth between brick, pavers that look like stone and using slate (similar to our patio). The stairs should make it easier to get from the kitchen to the back patio without going through the dining room and deck. I would also like to add a small kitchen garden to the one side of the steps, since it will no longer be feasible to get the lawn mover over there.


2 responses to New Porch Steps!

  1. The stairs will certainly be useful. Are the railings for the new stairs going to match the railings on the rest of the porch? Perhaps you should have a railing or some kind of barrier in front of the new stairs so if you tripped you would not end up falling down the steep slope in front of you. Will you still be able to keep your beautiful hydrangea against the house? mom

    • Yes the railings are going to match. I am hoping that the landing at the bottom will be wide enough so that it doesn’t feel like you are going to fall over the side. The hydrangea and butterfly bushes are definitely staying. I just need to decide what to do about the cedar tree that seeded itself on the slope. I would like to move it near the driveway, but am not looking forward to moving it (maybe this fall).

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