Our Basement Part 23: Bathroom Studs!

February 10, 2012 — Leave a comment

Our New Bathroom! And look it will even have a regular size door on it!

Our contractors were busy yesterday putting up the studs for our basement bathroom! It was a very exciting day here. I squealing in delight at them (fortunately they know me pretty well by now) and after they were gone I did a little dance in our “petite” bathroom (and by petite I mean larger than our upstairs bathroom) .

Sink and Toilet Wall

For our bathroom is using a mix of new and old things. We are reusing our old small sink from our upstairs bathroom. It has been patiently waiting up on the third floor for the last 10 years. Yeah Free! And yeah one more thing out of the 3rd floor! It is cute and vintage (probably from the 20s-30s)  but not particularly practical for the main bath (lack of flat space). We are also reusing the mirror from the old basement bathroom. The frame is an unfinished wood. I haven’t decided what color I am going to paint it yet, but the glass is nice and thick and sturdy, so it should hold up just fine. I am going to buy some kind of shelving for above the toilet. I have started looking but haven’t found anything that I like and is inexpensive yet. For the toilet we are buying a new dual flush. We could have reused the old toilet, but it was NOT efficient so the decision was made to upgrade to new one. One added benefit of the dual flush is that the tank is very small, so the toilet itself is a couple of inches shallower than a typical toilet (very helpful for a small bathroom).

Shower Alcove

I’ve already shown you all of the exciting things for the new shower. Now just try and imagine! :-)

Now it is time for the plumber to come in and do all of the rough ins for the plumbing. This also involves redoing the main hot and cold lines and the lines and the connections to the upstairs bath (we will be connecting to them at the back wall of the bathroom behind the shower). This should clear out quite a bit in the bathroom ceiling. The existing gas line and radiator line, will be painted and left below the beadboard ceiling.

I also picked up the carpet tile yesterday which was a whole other adventure involving me driving around in our old explorer (aka “the Mommy Truck”) in between big semi-trucks (so stay tuned for that on Monday!).

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