Our Basement Part 35: Two Steps Foward One Step Back

March 23, 2012 — Leave a comment

Welcome to Our Basement: Crazy Stairs w/ new beadboard wall

It has been a frustrating couple of days here. I was hoping to give you a good tour of the progress today but we had a water leak on the solder joint for the hot water line to the sink yesterday morning. It ended up leaking overnight and we had a good bit of water on my brand new floor and into the newly drying leveling compound at the washer and dryer area.

Wet Floor!

The good news is that once we discovered it, my contractors came right over and dried it out and fixed the leak (which oddly took 48 hours to show up). The bad news is that several of the vinyl tiles needed to come up and we need some more leveling compound in the bathroom before we can reinstall the tile. It also slowed everything down A LOT.

New Toilet & Old Sink Installed w/ Loose Vinyl Tile Removed

One of the strangest things about the moisture is that the leveling compound bubbled up in one place about 1/2″ and was totally hollow underneath.

The good news is that this means all of the plumbing is in (which is awesome!). We reused our old sink from the upstairs bathroom. It is a really heavy cast iron model, probably from the 1920s. It had been sitting up on our 3rd floor for the last 9+ years, so it is great to see it back in use. The toilet is a dual flush (American Standard H2Option Siphonic) and is nice and petite. The smaller water tank allows for the toilet to sit closer to the wall by a couple of inches, which makes a big difference in a small bathroom. I used this same toilet on Sarah’s Bathroom and she is very happy with it.

The Shower w/ Moen Multi-Function Handshower on Sliding Rail

The Multi-Function Handshower on a sliding rail has also been installed and looks great (don’t have a shower curtain yet so I haven’t personally tested it out). The set is made up on 4 different parts. A Moen 4 Function Handshower, Single Handled Kingsley Lever, Posi-Temp Pressure Balanced Valve and a Drop El to connect the handshower to the wall.

We are still on track to install the rest of the vinyl tile on Sunday. We were hoping to get a start tonight but the leveling compound will most likely still be damp. I guess we may get started with the rough layout without actually adhering them. And it looks like I will be installing the grout on Monday night again, so we can get the washer and dryer back in place on Tuesday. I can’t even say how excited I am to get the washer and dryer back in place with the new floor. That will definitely make my day! I am also thinking that I need to get a water sensor for the washer and dryer area to alert me if there is ever a leak. They also make a model that connects to shut off valve.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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