Our Basement Part 39: The Contractors are Done!

April 6, 2012 — Leave a comment

Main Space in the Basement: Waiting for trim paint & carpet

We have reached a major milestone in the basement. The contractors are done, they have taken out all of their stuff and left us to finish up. They will actually be back in a couple of weeks to finish some baseboard trim and a few other small items, but it is strange to have basement back. I suddenly can do laundry whenever I want! Of course this doesn’t mean we are done, we still have lots of painting to do, carpet to install and decorating but we can at least move forward on the cosmetic stuff, which is a big deal. If all goes well we will get at least part of the carpet in this weekend, along with some trim painting. I thought I would give you a quick update of where we are right now.

As you can see part of the basement is looking pretty cleaned out (this is where they were storing a lot of their stuff). Of course all of our basement does not look like this, since we do have our fair share of stuff (which needs to be organized).

Other Side of the Main Space: piled with our stuff

The other side of the main room is currently filled with extra stuff from the construction process, things that need to be installed (i.e. one of the old storm windows), things that will go in the workroom (i.e. the saw and ladder) and random pantry overflow (which will find a new home on shelves and cabinets in this area).

The Bathroom in desperate need of a shelf!

The bathroom is totally functional (minus a shower door). It does need shelving soon though. I also have plans for hanging an old mirror and can’t wait to bring in some colorful accessories. I am also planning on installing a burlap skirt on the sink to hide the plumbing.

Future Workbench Area

The workroom is now drywalled and I can’t wait to install our new workbench in the bay window. I had the contractors finish out the windows similiar to the main space (beadboard sides and top w/ a veneer plywood sill and wood trim). I haven’t decided on a wall color for this space yet. Definitely something cheerful!

Pegboard Wall

The pegboard wall is in (it actually extends around the corner). It has a hard white finish on it that I wasn’t expecting. I definitely want to paint this a bright color. I may have to sand down the pegboard first, which I am a little bummed about (it currently has screws perfectly placed in a grid and looks so perfect). I look forward to having some of our tool out where they are easy to find. I plan on outlining some of them in permanent marker so that they can go back where they belong after using.

Workroom Shelving Wall

The Workroom shelving wall is also ready for storage (as soon as I paint). I haven’t decided whether we should reuse the Ikea shelving that we have or possibly install heavy duty metal wall shelves. I think I may put the Ikea ones in for now, since they are here and free and decide if I need to upgrade from there.

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend! My kids are super excited about hunting for eggs and it looks like the weather is going to cooperate for us!

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