Our Basement Part 45: Coral Paint on Pegboard

May 15, 2012 — Leave a comment

Coral Pegboard w/ Ironing Board (and all of the marks from installing the ironing board bracket)

This is an oops moment and it is totally my fault. I don’t have anyone to blame but myself.  I insisted on painting the pegboard in the basement. It had a nice white smooth finish on it, but I was not happy about it. Too boring I thought! Mr. S. thought it was kind of silly to paint it, but I insisted. So now I have to deal with the consequences! At first I was worried about painting the screws, since  I liked the pattern that they made on the board. Then I realized that I could use some masking tape and stripe off those areas and then paint the rest. I picked up the paint samples on Friday and went to town. It was Friday night by the time I actually painted and I wanted to get this project done (yes, that is the kind of life I lead, painting on weekend night). So I taped everything up, and then brushed on a first coat in sections and smoothing it out with a smooth foam roller. Then I repeated about an hour later. I peeled back the paint and went to bed.


Coral Pegboard looking from laundry area

So when I went to check on it on Sunday, I was disappointed to find that the paint did NOT adhere very well. I guess I really should have sanded it first. errr…. My next stupid move was deciding to hang the ironing board bracket anyways (by myself). I just wanted it done and I really wanted to get the ironing board off the floor. My first mistake was mounting it too close to the corner. But the bigger mistake was trying to hold it in place by myself while screwing it in. It turned and wiggled and scratched the crap out of the wall. Alas I hung it up anyway, feeling completely defeated. I’m not sure when I will get around to re-taping, sanding, and painting again. I fortunately did not do the other side around the corner yet. This side will have lots of hooks for tools, so the finish is even more important. I may need to do some testing on that side first. hmmm…

Hint of Coral Pegboard from the Main Room

At least I really like the color  (Behr “Mellow Coral” which is not actually mellow at all). The one interesting thing with the color is that it almost looks like I did an umbre with the stripes because of the bare light bulb above (which I totally didn’t do). Oh well, I guess it is just paint.

Does anyone have any good DIY disasters to share?

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