Our Basement Part 46: New Hardware

May 16, 2012 — 2 Comments

New Handle

13" Clover Leaf Door Handle in Black, $17.99

9" Bulkhead Handle, $10.99

After I painted our backdoor last week I realized that it was in desperate need of a new handle (somehow the home made 20 year old one wasn’t cutting it anymore). I also needed to pick out pulls for the new lower cabinet drawer unit at the pantry/wine area. So I took a look an VanDykes’s Restorers and they were having a sale on most of their handles! Fortunately they arrived quickly and I have installed the handles for the drawers and I will probably get around to installing the backdoor handle this weekend. I also picked up handles for the bulkhead door (for when we get around to making new doors).

For the backdoor I chose this beautiful clover leaf handle.  It is super heavy and slightly rustic looking in person. I think it is going to look great once I repaint the door a darker color and install it. I will also be installing a matching one on the outside (since this handle is suitable for outdoor exposure). I also picked up a similar, although slightly smaller set for the future bulkhead doors (currently we have a piece of exterior plywood on hinges).

New Cabinet Pulls, $3.49

Victorian Safe

For the cabinet pulls I decided to go with a similiar finish to the safe handle. In this case I chose a an antique brass finish (not something I would normally choose) and I think it looks great against the brown/black finish of the Ikea drawer unit. In between these two units will go the fridge and freezer. Right now I am leaning towards a white freezer (unfortunately the model that I want only comes in white). My plan is to use chalkboard contact paper and cover it. Then finish it off with some gold/brass colored vinyl details and maybe some fun lettering to match the safe.

I also need to pick up the wood counter from Ikea. When I checked last week it was out of stock, but hopefully it be back soon. I can’t wait to get this area further along. Now I just need to get moving!


2 responses to Our Basement Part 46: New Hardware

  1. Progress is looking good! Are you looking for the Lagan countertop? From what I’ve read on ikeafans and from doing our kitchen, I don’t think it will ever be back in stock. We ended up with the numerar. Also wanted to let you know that we went with the same tile for our kitchen but in concrete color. They are not installed yet. I’m pretty excited though. Trying to decide the layout pattern now. I love the 12×24 size.

  2. Sarah, Thanks for the heads up! I was hoping to use the Lagan. It is hard to argue with the $39 price. When I looked a couple of weeks ago they were suppose to be coming back in stock soon. I just checked and it is out of stock with no availability. hmmm… We have the oak numerar counter for our desktop in the Dining Room. I like it but it is a lot heavier for maneuvering and I don’t love the $169 price. I guess I will probably give it another week or so and see what happens. I could also change it up and go with the numerar with the white top and wood edge which is $99.

    Good luck with the tile! I love the 12×24 tile. I really wanted to use it but because our space was so small it didn’t make sense.

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