Our Basement Part 48: Bathroom Progress & An Elliptical Machine

May 30, 2012 — Leave a comment

Bathroom with new shelf

This past weekend we continued to plug along on the basement. Mr S. painted some more trim including the windows and the columns. I worked on the bathroom and finally installed the first shelf. I also hung a couple pieces of art, because I couldn’t stand the bare walls anymore!

Key West Photo by C.J. Groth

Photo of an old Building outside of Watkins Glen, NY

This art use to hang in our Dining Room (before it became the kitchen). I still quite like the photos, so I am happy to give them a new home. I will also be replacing the mats with white instead of the bright gold/yellow. The Key West photo is by C.J. Groth and we picked it up years ago while on vacation. The old building outside of Watkins Glen is a favorite of mine. I took this picture years ago and Mr. S. colorized it for me. It is now across from the washer and dryer.

Metal Shelf Bracket, $12.99 a pair in Rusty Iron

Flower Vase from Anthropologie

The shelf is a 1×8 piece of pine (that needs to be whitewashed to match the walls). For the brackets I gave up waiting for the ones I wanted that are now backordered until August and ordered these rust ones  from VanDykes instead. I have more, and will probably eventually add 2 more shelves above the toilet area (and move the picture). But for now I like how this looks. We will see how much more storage I need in the future.

I am so happy to have my vase finally in place. It looks fabulous. I just need to find a better spot for the liquid soap, so the kids don’t try and reach up to the shelf (and potential knock the vase over).

Giant Elliptical Machine Taking Over our Basement

We also finally brought down and assembled the elliptical machine, which has been sitting in various locations for the past 7 years waiting for a home. And now that it is in, WOW it is big! A big part of finishing the basement was to give us a place to exercise. This has been re-thought as the space has come together and quickly become a summer living room (thanks to the early summer weather). Fortunately the couch should still fit okay, although for anyone staying over, you will have an exercise machine looming over you.

We also ordered the couch and the counter top. It will probably be another week and half or so until they arrive. In the meantime the mirror behind the elliptical machine will hopefully get hung in the bathroom tonight. I can’t wait to show you that with my new garden stool!

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