Our Bedroom Part 4: The Curtains

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I want to make some full length curtains that will sit on either side of the 2 front windows and go from the bottom of the crown molding to the floor. These would be wide panels and each would cover the window and completely move out of the way on either side when not in use. This way they won’t interfere with the radiator (although I may need to put some snaps on the bottom to shorten them when they are over the window and radiator).

I’ve been scouring fabric stores and websites trying to come up with a fabric that is affordable, has a large pattern, isn’t too busy and comes in either gray or red. The pattern has been a tough choice for me. A lot of the patterns out there that I am drawn too won’t work with the BIG metal panels. I need a pattern that is graphic but isn’t “busy”. It is funny now that I am putting this together that all of my favorites are by Premier Prints Fabrics. They sell their fabrics through their website. Also several other sellers also sell it at a discount (although not all of the fabrics). Fabric.com sell quite a bit of their fabric for about $8-12 a yard. The thing I like about their fabric is that they typically sell them in a number of colorways. Their patterns can be a little trendy but I LOVE  large over-scaled patterns a lot.

I started with these fabrics. Big scale with large flower patterning, fits my modern play on a classic style but not clean enough for the “modern” look the room is taking on.

Curtain Option 1: Premier Prints Victoria Kelp/Linern, $11.99 yard

Curtain Option 2: Premier Prints Suzani Slub Yellow/White, $8.48 yard

Next I tried out some graphic patterns. The ZigZag is very HOT right now. I am a little concerned it could lot dated quickly. I am also concerned that the pattern might be too distracting.

Curtain Option: Premier Prints Zig Zag Ash/White, $11.99 yard

Graphic Curtain Option: Premier Prints Gotcha American Red $8.98 yard

My current favorites are these two options. I like that the pattern is abstract and I think once it is draping that these could look great. If I go with the gray I am going to need to get a sample before I finalize the wall color (so that they have a similar hue). I might just get a sample of both so I can see how bright the red is.

Curtain Option: Premier Pattern Chipper Storm $11.99 yard

Curtain Option: Premier Fabric Chaz Lipstick/White, $9.99 yard

The Ceiling Fan

What do you think?

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