Place Your Orders Now for Some Lovely Spring Color!

August 25, 2011 — 1 Comment

I love bulbs! So easy to plant and then they show up in the spring and provide lots of colors. Sure the leaves look kind of bad by the middle of summer, but they are hard to beat for that jolt of spring color when the weather is still a bit chilly out. So, here is a round up of what I am planning on ordering. Let me know if you want to share on the order since it is always cheaper to buy in larger quantities! I am planning a big order from Brent and Becky’s Bulbs, my go to for most bulbs. They offer traditional bulb as well as some unique ones, and their selection and quality is hard to beat. I am determined to only buy bulbs that I have a place for, and stick to some more reliable varieties. I have had  mixed luck with some of the more exotic species.

I try to plant in October once the weather has cooled down, but have been known to be planting as late as early December. What is on your list?

Allium 'Karataviense' (mixed w/ heuchera)

Allium, 'Purple Sensation'

Allium 'Shubertii'

Allium 'Sphaerocephalon'


I have written about my love of alliums before. Here is what I am planning on ordering for my garden:

Allium ‘karataviense’: $39.50 for 50 ($.79 a bulb). I haven’t tried these but I LOVE the look of the combination above.

Allium ‘Purple Sensation’:$32 for 50 ($.64 a bulb). I have these in the front and side planting beds. I think some additional ones are needed for the backyard.

Allium ‘shurbertii’: $50.25 for 25 ($2.01 a bulb). These short bulbs are AMAZING. I need to move mine closer to the front of the boarded.

Allium ‘sphaerocephalon’ (drumstick): $24 for 100 ($.24 a bulb). Great for some summer color. I have some in my front yard. Stacey is going to plant some with her artemesia.

Nectaroscordum Bulgaricum

Nectaroscordum Bulgaricum: $24 for 50.  Not technically an allium, but very similar so I usually list these with the Allium. I LOVE these little bobbing flower heads. Plus the buds look beautiful before they pop open. They stand very upright at about 3′ high. Great for the back of the border.

Chionodoxa growing in my lawn

Chionodoxa (Glory of the Snow)

Chionodoxa ‘Forbesii’:$18 for 100. I am going to buy a LOT of these for the front yard and the back yard. The only problem with small bulbs like these is that I am always accidentally digging them up.

Tulip 'Flaming Purissima' Image from Plantswise

Tulip 'Turkestanica'


Tulip ‘Flaming Purissima’: $32.50 for 50. This is suppose to be a good naturalizing tulip. Tovah from Plantswise recommended these, so I feel like we must try some!

Tulip Turkestanica: $34 for 100. This is also suppose to naturalize. It is low growing with ground hugging foilage. These would be sweet in the front of a boarder, where later plants would take over in the summer. Back in the spring I was inspired by a display of some similar tulips at the Philadelphia Flower Show.

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