Porch Furniture and Storage Bench Options

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Porch in Progress, Porch Swing to go somewhere in this area


Mr. S and I were talking last night about what should and shouldn’t go back on the front porch. It has a habit of collecting things. We want it to look inviting but not cluttered. Also the original location of the porch swing will be in the way of the new traffic pattern on the porch.

Items that Should to go back on the Porch:

1. Porch Swing (although in a different location and in a different color)

2. Recycling bins for paper & cans/bottles (although these could be concealed in a storage bench)

3. Welcome Milk Jug

Items that may or may not come back to the Porch:

1. Adirondack chairs and table (I am thinking that these might stay in the backyard since they don’t get a lot of use on the porch)

2. Shelves for plants (these could also go somewhere else)

New Items:

1. Storage Bench for recycling bins

2. I am considering a small outdoor rug for in front of the porch swing

3. New pillows for the swing

Option 1: Wood Storage Bench, Overstock $302

Wood Storage Bench, Walmart $148

Plastic (simulated wood) Storage Bench, Sam's Club $99

Storage Bench Options:

I did a quick search for suitable storage benches last night. Here are the current options. Any suggestions? I also have to do some measuring of the current recycling bins and the space to see what might be the best fit.

1. Wood (w/ open design to allow for ventilation)
Pros: Looks nice and more in keeping with house
Cons: It could get gross with the recycling inside

2. Plastic (sealed)
Pros: Less expensive, can be hosed off
Cons: Appearance, it could start to smell inside

Option 1: Eucalyptus Wood Portoreal Chest from Overstock, $302 (49x24x21)

Option 2: Eucalyptus Wood Storage Bench from Walmart, $148 (47x17x17)

Option 3: Plastic (simulated wood) Storage  Bench from Sam’s Club, $99 (60x28x24)


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