Second Floor Update

March 26, 2013 — 6 Comments


We are slowing making progress here. We are in the midst of a stomach bug epidemic, so life has been moving a little more slowly than usual.  The contractor was just here to go over moving the master bedroom door, discuss options for the bathroom door and the handrail and show him the plans for the electric. Mr. S. and I also managed to start clearing out our bedroom in preparation for moving the door over the weekend. That was actually quite therapeutic, and it feels good to get a good bit of clutter out of the space. Of course our playroom and garage are almost full and we still have one closet in our bedroom that will require emptying and demolishing. I am thinking that we may be installing our bedroom closets piecemeal so that we can continue to function. The alternate option is to empty out the space and work like mad for a couple of weeks. Currently that seems unlikely as there are a number of trades to coordinate. Which reminds me that I have a delinquent roofer to get a hold of.


I thought I would show you my drawings for the bathroom wall since there isn’t a lot in actual progress to see.  In the picture above I threw in a couple of stained glass windows to see what I thought of adding them to the space. Of course this project cannot continue without some sort of scope creep! Since we are going to be working on this wall I thought it would be nice to add some light into the corridor from the bathroom. Well then we need windows. And well if we are going to add glass, why not add stained glass?

I think my contractor thought I was a little crazy, although he should know how I work. He did think my linen closet was ridiculously small (hey, I don’t have one, so any closet no matter how small is an upgrade).


I think I have decided in favor of exposed barn door hardware over a hidden pocket door. This one from Rustica Hardware is in a dark bronze finish which I like. The wheel are actually wood, which I think is pretty cool. I will be pairing this with a more traditionally styled Victorian Pull.


This potted flower bronze pull is from Charleston Hardware Company. It has the daisies which are always a favorite of mine. We will have to use some sort of latch to lock it, since the door isn’t thick enough for a locking mechanism.


On the ceiling in the hall we are going more industrial again. I had been eying a different ceiling fan but I saw this one (Acqua Ceiling Fan II in Textured Bronze) for a great price on Joss & Main and decided to go ahead and order it. The whole unit rotates in addition to the wood blades. Overall this space is going to be a bit more eclectic and industrial then some of our other spaces in the house. Our first floor tends to stick much closer to the Victorian feel, but upstairs I think it is okay to have a little fun. I’m sure some future owner will abhor by choices, but I am liking the direction. And frankly most of my choices could be changed to something more traditional fairly easily.

What do you think? Have I lost my mind? Am I headed toward some sort of Victorian Steampunk craziness?


6 responses to Second Floor Update

  1. I just ordered antique barn door hardware for my closet door, so I can’t wait to see how yours turns out. And that fan is just beautiful…

  2. Love the stain glass, fan and barn doors!

  3. Laughing… I think you’re still a way off from steampunk… I like the fan, I think it has a little bit of “old” feel to it… maybe because it’s dark? Or the wood blades…

    Finalizing any decision is the best feeling ever!

    • We have brief periods where steampunk looks like fun. Although I think I would grow tired of it pretty quickly. It does feel really good to actually choose something. In fact the fan has already arrived. It looks good. Of course there are more steps than I want to count between now and actually installing it.

  4. In our house stained glass is like gelato — if you’re given the option to have more, you ALWAYS say yes. Just say yes. Don’t think. Just yes.

    And I love the fan! I actually think it has a Victorian vibe to it. I can’t wait to see it installed.

    Hope you guys feel better soon!

    • Thanks! I am just coming out of our stomach bug coma and grossly behind on everything! Glad to see that you don’t think it is too much stained glass. Of course I have to actually find 2 pieces that fit. That will probably only take like a year or so! The one in the picture is actually still available but it is a little too wide.

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