Sources for Vintage, Antique and Reproduction Door Hardware

July 26, 2011 — 3 Comments

Full Eastlake/Victorian Door Set, Buy it Now $129 w/ free shipping

Full Greek Revival Door Set, $99 Buy it now w/ free shipping

Arts & Crafts/ Mission Door Set, $50 for 2 sets


I thought I would follow up yesterday’s post about my door hardware with some sources for old door hardware. Here are some of my favorites:


I know pretty obvious, but the key to finding the good stuff is all in the search. For example if you search “vintage door hardware” you get 179 results. With antique door hardware you get 531 results. However the results are a total mix of things. To narrow the search search for specific items, i.e. hinges, rosettes, back plate, knob, and escutcheon. However, if you are willing to slog through the more vague terms you can sometimes find a better deal because the person selling it may not know the exact style so the prices will sometimes be cheaper. I also recommend if you find something you like looking at the sellers other items. Sometimes they have additional items from the same doors/house. The most important thing is to have patience! If you don’t have the time and energy to search through whats available then you should probably look elsewhere.

Here is the link to the pretty Eastlake set featured above. Here is the link to the Greek Revival Door Set above. Here is the link to the Arts & Crafts Door Set.

For Victorian Hardware:  I like to search under both “Victorian door ____” (i.e. knob, rosette, key, escutcheon, hinge). Then I do the same search with “Eastlake ____”. Eastlake is an ornamental style of Victorian detail named after the famous English designer, Charles Eastlake, who wrote Hints on Household Taste which was a very popular book both in England the US in the later part of the 19th Century. “Sargent door” or “Branford door”  is also a good  search (they were manufacturers of a lot of Victorian door hardware). Other good search words include “bronze” and “cast iron”. It is typically cheaper to buy the pieces individually and piece them together yourself. In our case we are keeping some of the door hardware parts including the mortise guts so that works in our favor. It is important to keep in mind that not all the pieces will fit together correctly. We are staying away from larger backplates that house both the door knob and keyhole because we have found that the dimension between the two varies in our house, and amongst backplates for sale (both vintage and new).

For Bungalows: I recommend searching under “bungalow”, “arts and crafts” and “mission”. There are quite a few nice backplates and knob sets for sale at quite reasonable prices, especially if you are willing to give them a good cleaning.

Reproduction Rice Pattern Door Set, $89

Reproduction Mission Style Door Set, $45

Reproduction Art Deco Door Set, $29.95


Charleston Hardware Company:

I have bought both vintage and new hardware from this company. They started out restoring old sets and now make quite a bit of reproduction door hardware made from molds of original hardware.  They are from Charleston, SC so they specialize in some of the styles popular down there such as the “rice” pattern. Their website is a bit slow and cumbersome but they have some good stuff at very reasonable prices. They have also been helpful when I have called with questions and been able to sell me set screws and some miscellaneous bits that you can’t seem to find anywhere. They also offer restoration of hardware.

Simple Motrise Door Set,$24.99

Ornate Door Hardware Set, $62.39

4 1/2" Eastlake Style Hinge, $30.29 a pair

Van Dykes Restorers:

They have a large offering of reproductions  door hardware. Their prices are generally reasonable (although some items seem a bit overpriced), but I have found that their casting are not as crisp as I would like and that almost none of their hinges have removable pins.

Artisan Door Set, $130

"Philadelphia"l Style Door Hardware Set, $199

"Radcliffe" Door Hardware Set, $1410

House of Antique Hardware:

I have bought cabinet hardware from here, but not door hardware, although their selection is pretty good. I quite like their finish options including “Antique-by-Hand” which I used for some bin pulls in the kitchen. I also like that they have collections for different periods and styles. They are one of the only places I could find that has reproduction Colonial styles.

Eastlake Style "Edwards" Door Set, $155

Simple Door Set, "Davis" $139

Simple Oval Door Set, $139



Mostly known for their beautiful lights, they now offer all sorts of other house accessories including door hardware. They are known for their high quality, and at least from the pictures everything looks quite nice. The only downside I see is that they focus on selling complete sets rather than individual parts.

Your Local Architectural Salvage Store:

Usually the prices are good and you have a better chance of finding a good match for what you have locally. The downside is that you usually have to sift through a lot of stuff to find what you want. Also the prices range from really good to not so good based on the place and your negotiating skills.

Do you have any other recommendations?


3 responses to Sources for Vintage, Antique and Reproduction Door Hardware

  1. I’m so glad to find someone else with trouble finding the wooden rosette pieces – it makes me feel a bit better! Anyhow, thanks for a great article 🙂 I am also outside Philly, ’bout an hour, can you recommend an area salvage store? I know of one in Reading but I haven’t been there yet… I’ve just started my search…

    • Hi Erica,

      Welcome! I have never actually seen wood rosettes for sale anywhere. If you need replacements I think your best bet would be to have someone fabricate them for you. Someone who is good with a lathe should be able to do this.

      I haven’t spent anytime recently looking at architectural salvage (I tend to look on ebay most of the time since I am usually looking for very particular items). That said, here is a quick rundown of places that I know about.

      In Philly (Northern Liberties) there is Architectural Antiques.
      I haven’t found them to be a good resource for the Victorian pieces, at least for the kind of things that I am looking for. They tend to have a lot of imported stuff, or stuff that is way over scaled and over priced for my needs. Although if I were looking for an awesome vintage wood bar, this would be the place.

      There use to be a couple of good stores up in Germantown. I couldn’t find them listed anywhere but I did find Philadelphia Salvage in Germantown.

      Here is a good list of Architectural Salvage in Pennsylvania:

      I have also been watching bigstevareno29 on ebay. He has a lot of stuff listed and has a warehouse in York, PA. Depending on where you are that might be a good place to look.

      Hope that helps!

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