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April 5, 2013 — 4 Comments


I’m in a bit of a holding pattern here while I wait for my regular contractor to get here and coordinating with the other trades. In the meantime I have been looking at some stained glass options for the bathroom. I can’t finalize this until I know the ceiling height which is based on the air conditioning but I have a reasonable idea of the space so I thought I would show you my latest photoshop rendering of the hallway. I also added in the ceiling fan that bought.

I stopped over at Philadelphia Salvage recently but was disappointed with their selection. I need a pretty specific size so I have been lurking on ebay. I really like a lot of the stuff that Bigsteveareno29 sells. He is in Pennsylvania about 2 hours from here. I don’t think I would trust shipping stained glass, but we could plan a trip. He also sells some interesting closet fronts that I have been admiring.


This is a close up of the antique stained glass that I am currently favoring. I think it would look pretty good with our existing daisy stained glass window which is on the adjacent wall. I am pretty close to being able to make this fit with the lowered ceiling. It will be tight but I think I can make it work.


We had this our original daisy stained glass window restored when we were having the siding done. As you can see we never got around to fixing the plaster and trim around it. I figured I would add that to the list on this round of hallway work.

What do you think? Should I scrap the stained glass and just go with clear glass?


4 responses to Stained Glass Options

  1. I would definitely go with the stained glass, but only if it, AND proper trim fit against the drop ceiling, I hate it when I can tell which windows aren’t original because they have 80’s subdivision trim on them! I see that seller on ebay all the time, those closet fronts are on my wishlist too. I love your mock-ups, everything is going to be beautiful . . .

  2. Meg- I know you what mean about the proper trim. I have it drawn up in autocad and it JUST fits with the trim (but there isn’t much room for the inevitable out of plumb issues that always arise). I don’t think I would be brave enough to buy this until I had some more exact measurements for the mechanical ducts though. My AC guy is suppose to have a quote for me sometime next week, so I should know more then. Then I will have to plan a visit out to York to see what he has.

  3. I LOVE the stained glass! And it complements your existing window nicely.

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