Third Floor Tower Update

February 6, 2014 — 1 Comment

Hi All! I hope everyone is staying warm and safe! We are going a little stir crazy here. 2 snow days and 1 delayed opening this week alone. Fortunately, we have only lost a few branches and have kept power. Fingers crossed that the storm headed this way on Sunday will be small! tower-progress020614-3In all of this mess, we did manage to do a lot of painting over the weekend (while Grandma and Grandpa came to visit) and our contractor was here on Tuesday putting in the rest of the doors. Mr. S. was very excited to start filling the shelves (behind the doors on the left). They are pretty much full now with plastic bins of baby clothes, boxes of cds, suitcases and all sorts of random stuff that came in from the garage. After months of putting stuff out in the garage it is a relief to bring things back into the house! And the good news is that once Mr. S’s office is complete, a good portion of this stuff will leave this closet. The doors on the right hide our clothing rod. This will store our out of season coats and clothes. I’ve also started moving smaller random house stuff like vases and lamp shades into the cabinet at the back. I hope to move all of my random decorations that I am not using into that cabinet. tower-progress020614-2The fort portion of the tower is almost complete. The ceiling, walls, wainscot and trim is all painted. 1 side of the rope guardrail is in and 1 of the 4 windows is reglazed and installed. We still need a ladder and to cut the carpet tile to fit the floor and finish the window trim and stain it all too match.  Meanwhile the light fixture is in and I am in love! It is made of rice shaped seashell pieces and resin. It has a really nice warm glow (with a warm LED Cree light bulb installed). tower-progress020614 We are still debating whether to put beanbags or just pillow up in the space. We will have to try it out this weekend and see what we think. Mr. S. now jokes that this will be the most complete room in the house! Considering it is only 7′-2″x7′-2″ it should be. Stay warm and safe! I’m going to go put a sweater on and try to keep warm!

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  1. The light fixture looks great, I’m happy to know it worked out!

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