Third Floor Update: Craft Room & Tower Progress

January 22, 2014 — 6 Comments

We are Snow Day #2 here (14″ of snow), and everyone is going a little crazy. I’m looking forward to some school tomorrow. I have a lot to jam into the end of the week! Without further ado here are some progress photos of the third floor. tower-progress012014-1Do you think someone is excited for his tower fort? It is still a work in progress, but the kids have had a chance to check it out now. Plus the ceiling is beadboarded and most of the wall repair is complete. There is still a long list of stuff to complete, but I’m not sure how long these two will wait. Of course Mr. S. and I have also checked it out and think it would make a pretty nice hangout spot for us too. craftroom-progress012014-2 Of course I shouldn’t be claiming anyone’s space since the Craft Room/Studio is officially open for business. As always there is still quite a bit to be done, wallpaper to hang, shelves to build and LOTS of organizing. But, I have spent a lot of time up there in the last few days, and even in the cold weather it is feeling quite toasty. We managed to finish the painting on Saturday, which meant that we could bring in the furniture on Sunday. craftroom-progress012014-6 It is difficult to get a good photo of any of the spaces up on the third floor. But the space feel cozy but not too small. The new trestle table is great.  It is the Jackson Table from World Market. It is just the right size and looks like it should hold up well. I may put some extra clear coat on the top since the finish looks like it might not be the most durable. craftroom-progress012014-8 As soon as the furniture was in the kids asked where their art supplies were so they could get started. I got out new notebooks for both kids (Thanks Ikea!). craftroom-progress012014-9My own art and craft supplies will be stored in these 2 beauties! I bought these Martha Stewart Craft Carts on clearance a couple of months ago in Sharky Gray, but they are still available for $129 each with free shipping in several other colors. They came in 2 HEAVY boxes each and I’m not sure whether they would actually make it down the stairs in 1 piece, now that they are assembled (I guess I can never move). I’ve had my supplies scattered around in multiple locations for years, so this is a pretty exciting development for me! I even started going through some of my sewing supplies which includes several boxes from my grandmother’s stash. Sewing will probably be the first major projects in here, as I have curtains to make for the Master Bedroom and cushions for in here. craftroom-progress012014-3 I bought some fabric at the Galbraith and Paul annual showroom sale in December. They make such beautiful block patterns! Normally their prices are quite steep, but they sell smaller remnants by the pound. Needless to say it was crazy fighting it out with a bunch of other designers, but I came home with these beauties that I am planning on using for pillows for the space. craftroom-progress012014-1 Finally, I thought I would show you the knobs for the storage spaces in the eaves. I bought these on clearance at Anthropologie a couple of years ago. They only had 3 which I quickly snapped up for $3.99, not knowing what I would use them for. I think it is my happiest accident in the space! I have more to show, but of course the space has already been filled up with boxes from around the house, just waiting to be sorted. Next up I thought I would share a couple of fun finds from my grandma’s sewing stash. I hope everyone is staying warm! It is quite cold here with no end in sight.


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  1. Glad to see you’re using your snow days well! I went through my fabric pile today and measured, labeled, folded, and stacked everything I had. It was like an archeological dig. But it gives me ideas for wintertime projects at least. Let’s do lunch soon! (Also, where did you get the rug? I love it!)

    • Hi Katie! How are your interior storms working? Are you keeping warm up in your third floor studio? I’m jealous that you have organized your fabric. I brought in my big rolls, but my smaller stashes are still out in the garage. I have so much sorting to do! At the moment I am still feeling excited about it, but I dread when I run out of steam.

      The rug is from RugsUSA. They don’t seem to carry it anymore, but I have bought several rugs from them now (when they have their 70% off sale) and have been pretty happy.

      P.S. Yes, lunch soon please!

  2. It’s all coming together so beautifully – and actually has me excited to start on my third floor. Can’t wait to see the finishing touches (and your kids are adorable)!

    • Thanks Meg! It is pretty amazing that we let the space up there sit for so long being under used! It is really strange that it took us so long (13+ years). The Third Floor and the tower were one of the things that sold us on the house. Of course until we sprayed in the insulation it was unusable in the winter and summer. And our contractors are making good progress in the tower, so we will be able to paint the loft portion over the weekend.

  3. Oh how wonderful! Things seem to be coming together quickly now, I hope that you can appreciate how much progress you are making. You inspired me to get moving on a reorganization of my basement to make it a more functional work space…thank you, Heidi!

  4. Gorgeous!!!

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