Third Floor Craftroom Update: Wallpaper Accent Wall

November 25, 2013 — 5 Comments


The Craftroom/Studio is moving along slowly. It is hard to get motivated to sand and reapply spackle yet again! So in my procrastination I have started to think about wallpaper for the back wall. Yes, after spending lots of time getting the walls nice and smooth I am going to cover one of them up! But I do like the idea of a pop, that will help accentuate the shape of the room. Am I completely crazy? Maybe I have breathed in too much dust.

Here are a few of my current contenders (samples are on their way):


This is Indira Damson (W0019/03) by Clarke & Clarke Wallpapers. I actually remember seeing this wallpaper on pinterest a few months ago and thought it was really pretty. It is certainly dramatic!

craftroom-wallpaper3The second choice is a beautiful Bumble Bee (BP 555) Wallpaper by Farrow & Ball Wallpapers. The gold metallic is quite stunning but I’m not sure if the blue might be a little overpowering.

craftroom-wallpaper2The third choice is my current favorite. The Globetrotter Natural (W0015/02) by Clarke & Clarke Wallpapers has famous building drawn on it. The description says that the pattern is “gold”. I will have to wait to see the sample in person to see if it actually metallic or not. I think it could be nice without being overpowering. The only question is whether it is too boring and not graphic enough. I could also get it with the pattern in pink. hmmm….

craftroom-wallpaper1Finally here is a crazy water scene that I thought might be fun. Nympheus (BW45033/1)  by G P & J Baker Wallpapers.

For more of the wallpapers I have been considering you can check out my Pinterest page.

So have I completely lost my mind?


5 responses to Third Floor Craftroom Update: Wallpaper Accent Wall

  1. Have you thought about creating a stenciling pattern? It is much easier to modify or change. There are also some interesting stickable artwork-that way you can chose your background color. Have fun with the wall.

  2. I love the last one! It’s like an abstract version of your garden — very pretty.

  3. I like the Bumble Bee (BP 555) Wallpaper by Farrow & Ball Wallpapers. The bright blue will be fine on the one wall with a lighter blue on the other walls.

  4. All of the wallpapers are best.

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