Charleston Part 3: Window Boxes, Vines & One Playful Statue

October 6, 2011 — 2 Comments

Piersphone Fountain at one of the local art museums. I love how playful she is! (unfortunately I can't make out the artist's name on the plaque)

Charleston feels so lush (at least the few times I have been there), I’m sure part of that is due to the mild climate, humid weather and frequent thunderstorms that keep the plants looking full and lovely. The warm client also allows for some annuals to be almost perennials and for tropical plants to thrive (and I do LOVE  tropical plants). Below are some of the beautiful window boxes I saw along with some nice stunning vines growing up the fences and buildings. Where possible I tried to list the name of the plants (most of which can be grown as annuals in more northern climates). If you know the name of any of the unknown plants, please let me know. Enjoy!

Window Boxes

Planter Box placed on a fence planted with: purple coleus (possibly 'apocalypse'),red geraniums & red gerbera daisies

Window Box planted with lime green sweet potato vine (var. Marguerite), 2 varieties of coleus (purple and red), caladium and white impatiens

Series of window boxes planted with purple petunias, lime green sweet potato vine & unknown variegated grassy plant

Window Box planted with lime green sweet potato vine, 2 varieties of coleus, white impatiens, Purple Heat (Tradescantia pallida) and unknown green and yellow plant


Bittersweet climbing the masonry (apparently these cling quite strongly to walls ). These also require a male plant nearby.

Cardinal Vine Gentally climbing an old iron fence. Typically an annual (although oftern reseed). Also known as the Hummingbird Vine.

P.S. Here are the link to my other Charleston posts about ironwork and woodwork and dining.


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  1. Wonderful images! Happy to find you via BYW.

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