Our Bedroom Part 3: Ceiling Fans

July 19, 2011 — 3 Comments

Victorian/ Vintage Styling

Simple Retro Design Fan, Barn Light Electric $500

Art Deco/Victorian Fan, Barn Light Electric $440

Clean Lined Retro Styling

Simple Retro Clean Lined Fan, Period Arts $328

Retro Industrial Copper Fan, Barn Light Electric $349

Industrial Retro Styling

Retro Industrial Fan, Y Lighting $369

Industrial Double Fan, Y Lighting $499

It is hard to find an attractive ceiling fan!  I know a lot of people who just remove them so that they don’t have to look at them. Our bedroom tends to get stuffy in the shoulder season and I hate to use Air Conditioning when I don’t have to. The room faces due south so it tends to be several degrees warmer than the rest of the house. So we definitely NEED a ceiling fan for our room (and eventually for the kids’ rooms too). Fortunately there are several companies making more attractive ceiling fans now. These are a few that we are considering. This decision is important because it is going to dictate what direction of a lot of the other accessories and furnishings in the room. If we go more Victorian it will be in contrast to the Best Panels. If we go more industrial it will go more with the styling of the Best Panels and be in contrast to the structure of the room.  I’m currently leaning towards more industrial. I also want it to have a light attached, which rules out some of the options.

What do you think? Do you have any suggestions?

Once I decide on the fan, I am going to choose the handles for the closet. I am also currently narrowing down fabric for the windows. Stay tuned.

Here is the previous post on the closets.

Here is the original post with the Best Panels.



3 responses to Our Bedroom Part 3: Ceiling Fans

  1. Did you see that Lamp Plus let’s you design your own fan?

  2. We just went through this in spring for a new fan in the sun room … compromised with a plain white 5 paddle fan …

  3. ooooh, the industrial ones are very cool! And they seem very Heidi+Drew. I’ve been looking at cheesy tropical themed ones, because, you know I love my islands 🙂

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