Asplundh #(&@*!@# and my Poor Pine Tree

June 15, 2011 — 6 Comments

Asplundh "trimming" the tree

We are back from a little vacation and are trying to get back on some sort of schedule. So I was caught off guard this morning when Asplundh pullled up next to the house with their lift and chipper.

Asplundh was here a couple of months ago to “trim” our old pine tree for PECO, so I was pretty surprised to see them back here this morning. They have been here for over an hour “trimming” the tree. I spoke to the supervisor who assured me that they were just going to shear a couple of feet off all the way up. hmmm…I have been back out once since the initial conversation and they are definitely removing branches MORE AGGRESSIVELY then he promised. He discussed trimming straight up but they are definitely angling toward the tree. He also said that the previous tree trimming was just “maintenance” and this group is the one that comes every 5 years to actually “trim” the tree. hmmmm…. So far I have managed to not swear in front of the kids. Sam wants to stand out there and watch the whole thing. It was making me sick to my stomach so we came back in.  What a great way to come back to the real world!


6 responses to Asplundh #(&@*!@# and my Poor Pine Tree

  1. Oh no!!! I’m sorry Heidi, I also thought you were in the free and clear on this front.

  2. PS- I bet they aren’t brave enough to take on the bamboo ;-)

  3. I have to post a new picture. The tree looks ridiculous. They cut way in and then left the top unpruned. I am considering calling PECO and asking them to come back out (although I’m not sure how I feel about them coming near my tree again). Errrr….

    • Is there anything we can do as homeowners to stop these butchers. The once beautiful maple tree we had in our yard was trimmed back so much a big L shape is now dead!!!!I knew this would happen. This was my favorite fall color tree SAD we should all ban together and stop this I believe it is their way to save money to severly cut back so they do not have to come for 5 years. Discusting!!!

      • Linda, I wish there was more we could do. In the latest round of cutting they took a major portion of my tree out (even though the tree predates the power line). Every time they show up now they cut further and further back (I’m sure so they don’t have to come back very often). I didn’t have much luck with PECO (who hires Asplundh) since they contract them. I am very concerned about the top of our tree, because they left one large branch untrimmed. This is likely to break in the snow this year since it doesn’t have branches below it anymore to lean on. If this breaks it will probably take out another portion of our tree below it (leaving not much left). I was stunned when I asked for the manager and he told me what they were going to do, and then did what they wanted after I went back inside. I thought that they were suppose to be “arborists” but when I looked online it mostly talks about their training around powerlines and that they have taken classes in how to trim a tree. It is extremely frustrating and I haven’t found a good way to get their attention. If I had more time I might try approaching a county official, or someone who might have some leverage.

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