Interesting Finds: A 100 Year Old Postcard & an Insurance Policy

April 20, 2013 — 4 Comments


I have a little weekend update. Our house decided to give us a couple of little presents this week.  These are both thanks to our contractor, who uncovered these gems. Above is what appears to be an insurance policy cover. It reads “Connecticut Fire Insurance Co. Hartford. Henry W. Brown & Co. Agents, 505 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia”. Given it appearance it looks to me like it dates to around the time the house was built. There was a little bit of writing on the back which unfortunately is totally illegible now. This was found in the pocket door pocket. Needless to say it was a pretty cool find. So I was really surprised when he dropped off an even cooler surprise on Friday.


This is a postcard from Harrisburg (Bird’s Eye View No. 3 of Circle of City Iron Steel Pipe) addressed to Mrs. C. G. Grayer living in our house and postmarked April 25, 1913 (exactly 100 years ago next week). The card is in remarkably good condition. It was behind a piece of baseboard in our bedroom. The baseboard did a nice job of keeping in flat and out of the sunlight.


It is pretty difficult to make out the handwriting but Verde is living here with her family. It is pretty strange to think about the number of families that have lived here over the years. I would love to spend a day in the house back in its early years.

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!


4 responses to Interesting Finds: A 100 Year Old Postcard & an Insurance Policy

  1. Oh what fun! Thanks for sharing these finds with us. Thus far my home has only turned up evidence of an earlier owner’s obsession with the color red, the latest finds were on the front door threshold and the post light fixture out front.

    • A red light post…interesting…I like red but I am actually having a hard time picturing this. If you haven’t found anything, you clearly aren’t ripping your house apart enough. ;) Want me to come over with the crowbar? Seriously, I am really surprised by the amount of stuff we have found. I figured by now that we had found everything that we were going to find.

  2. What great finds. Love that the postcard was mailed exactly 100 years ago.

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