My Favorite Present: Alexander Girard by Todd Oldman & Kiera Coffee

December 28, 2011 — 1 Comment

New Girard Book by Todd Oldman & Kiera Coffee

We survived Christmas and the kids are VERY happy with all of their new toys! And to top it off my contractors are down in the basement working on the last few things that need to be done before the our new drainage system gets installed in a couple of weeks. It is disgusting down there right now and I am really looking forward to having a functioning space again.

My favorite present that I got this year is the new Alexander Girard book by Todd Oldman and Kiera Coffee. It weighs in at a whopping 17 lbs (and 672 pages)! I have been a fan of Alexander Girard for a while but now I am a SUPER fan! I am only half way looking through it and I can’t believe how much design the man created! I am also surprised at how current his work looks. You could pull out almost anything and put it directly into the latest design magazines. He is probably most famous for his textile designs (he was the head of the textile division at Herman Miller for decades) but was also an architect and industrial designer.

I have included a few of my favorite images from the book. I highly recommend picking lugging it up! It is quite a pricey book, but I think it is worth it since it will be such a major source of inspiration for years to come. If you decide to order it, shop around. I found it discounted from the retail $200 price to $120 on Amazon. House Industries also created a series of fonts based on his designs (and the blocks in this year’s holiday card).

Did anyone get any great presents this year?

Summary Sheet that came with the book

Salvaged Wood Wall

How amazing are these fabric designs? You can still purchase several of his fabrics through Maharam and their Textiles of the 20th Century line. As you can see there are also quite a few fabrics right now that take their styling from these.

Playful Fabric Designs

More Amazing Fabric Designs (doesn't the one on the right look like a dwell fabric?)

More Colorful Fabric Designs (the one on the right looks a lot like one of the Premier Fabrics)

Here are a few affordable current fabrics that are similar in style and color:

1. Dwell Studio Fabic

2. Premier Prints Fabric

3. Premier Prints Fabric


1. Dwell Studio Indoor/Outdoor Mazescene Taupe, $9.98 yard

2. Chipper in Black/Denton, $12.98 yard

3. Zoom Zoom in Village/Natural, $7.48 yard



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