Our Anniversary & A Very Special Card

October 1, 2012 — 1 Comment

Anniversary Card from Sam (I’m the one on the right, Mr. S. is on the left)

We celebrated our 11th Anniversary over the weekend! Which included actually going out to dinner without the kids. Last year we managed a whole 2 1/2 days away in Charleston, but this year dinner will have to do. We did get some good family time in over the weekend, including snuggling on the couch while watching some TV. Maisie napped while snuggled up with us, which hasn’t happened in quite a while and probably won’t happen very many more times (sniff, sniff).

Today I wanted to share the lovely card from Sam. He got up early on Sunday morning and came downstairs while we were still in bed hanging out.  Then he worked secretly in the corner of the Dining Room and wouldn’t let us come in until he was done.

He drew a lovely picture of Mr. S and I. I somehow got to be the tall one (which is pretty funny since Mr. S. is 10″ taller than me). The lower portion of the page are hearts. Then he wrote his name and our names without any help.

Sam’s writing, age 5

He was so proud of himself! Sometimes they just melt your heart and all of the naughty, whiny things they do go out the window.

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

1 Comment

One response to Our Anniversary & A Very Special Card

  1. Sending much love to a very special family! I’m glad that your anniversary weekend was lovely and low key, sometimes that’s just the ticket.

    I shared your Charleston posts with a colleague who headed down there last weekend, so your good memories have been carried forward.

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