Our Basement Part 36: The Final Push

March 27, 2012 — Leave a comment

Main Spaces w/ Safe moved to the side & ceiling in place

We are in the final push to get the main part of the basement complete! My contractors are mostly done and it is up to us to get somethings finished before they come back. I was down there installing more tile and grout earlier today. If all goes well my contractor is going to stop by tomorrow and put on washer and dryer into place (which is why I am busting my you know what to get it finished). Then he can start to install the baseboard in the bathroom and laundry area. We also have some more painting to do (mostly the ceiling) before we can put the carpet tile in. At least the carpet should be fairly straight forward. Unfortunately after we get this area  finished, we will have to temporarily use it as a dumping ground for the workroom, so that they can drywall that space.  Phew, and I said we were in the final push! I guess the final push may last for a little while.

Victorian Safe & Pantry Storage

One area I haven’t talked a lot about is our pantry area. This will house an under counter fridge and freezer, as well as our antique Victorian safe. Our contractors were great and managed to move it a few feet to its new location (it weighs about 1000 lbs). Part of the new wood counter will sit on it. This should leave another 14″ or so for storage underneath. I’m not sure what we will put there yet. Above the counter we will either put shelves, wine storage or upper cabinets. We have several of our old upper cabinets that have been waiting to be reused. Unfortunately they are a little musty smelling and need some paint. I may try and use a couple of them mixed with open storage. I imagine lots of containers holding excess pantry items (with pretty labels). I also have been mulling around a couple of ideas for a backsplash (which is why there is plywood instead of beadboard on the wall).

New Stair Paneling

My contractors also finished up the wood beadboard at the stairs. I think it looks awesome (especially considering that they had to attach it on either side without puncturing the insulation behind it). It still needs to be whitewashed but it is really nice to come down the tight stairs and have this on the wall. In the past the parged foundation wall was visible here.  Another great thing about this area is that we have a light right at the bottom of the stairs, so no (okay less) tripping while carrying stuff up and down the stairs.

Faux Slate Vinyl Floor Progress from early this morning

I’ve been busy since this photo was taken but you can get a general idea of how the laundry area flooring is coming along. It is funny how big the space feels without the washer and dryer in it. Time to get back to work! Hopefully I will have more to show soon.

Basket for Holding Toiletries

I did also manage to pick up this adorable bread basket at Target today for $9.99. It is a beautiful coral color and I think it will look nice with my vase and be good for holding miscellaneous toiletries or towels. I am still going back and forth on the shelving in the space, so stay tuned.

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