Our Vacation: Watkins Glen & Jim Thorpe

June 16, 2011 — 2 Comments

Seneca Lake and grape vines

I know this is a little off topic for the blog, but I have some great photos that I wanted to share. Yes, probably a few too many of the kids (but it is hard to control myself).

We had a short vacation up to the Poconos and the Finger Lakes. The Finger Lakes area (specifically Seneca Lake and Watkins Glen) is one of my very favorite places on earth. It is so pretty and it is where I met Mr. S! We haven’t been up there in almost 10 years so when we heard that Mobil 1 was going to have an F1 car at the race track (with Lewis Hamilton driving) we thought a trip was in order. The kids could see where Mom and Dad met and we could hang out at Seneca Lodge and pick up some wine at some of the nearby wineries. We did also visit Jim Thorpe. It was nice and the kids loved the vintage train, but my heart really belongs to Watkins Glen. Someday we will have a house up there (too bad it isn’t closer).

Where would you have a vacation house?

The Seneca Lodge: Excellent for breakfast, dinner and drinking beer (a bit musty for sleeping)

Just outside of Watkins Glen, I always have to visit this old church. Someday it will be mine (if it doesn't fall over first).

Mr. S & Maisie at Seneca Falls

Maisie at the Start/Finish Line at the Glen

Sam and the famous blue armco at the Glen

Sam backseat driving while on the track

Maisie running around at the track


2 responses to Our Vacation: Watkins Glen & Jim Thorpe

  1. So wanted to press the “like” button, but then I realized I wasn’t on Facebook! I’m biased, but of course, but I understand why you love it up there. Awesome pictures!

  2. Great pictures !!! Looks like family tradition has moved down to the next generation !!

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