Philadelphia Flower Show

March 23, 2011 — 2 Comments

For the first time in several years I had the opportunity to go to the The Philadelphia Flower Show. The show is pretty overwhelming. It includes elaborate displays from florists and landscapers as well as plants from local garden clubs. There is also a large area devoted to booths selling everything from fresh flowers to garden accessories to random knicknackery. The main reason I like to go is to look at interesting plant combinations, new varieties and trends. The theme this year was Springtime in Paris and it was nice to be inside the convention center on a drizzly winter day with a good friend!

Flower Carousel at the Center of the Flower Show


I noticed lots of circles and highlights of yellow and pink. I especially like the color combination of the yellow, aqua and green.

Floral Display w/ Aqua, Yellow & Green

Another Floral Display w/ round elements

Nice Yellow Urns



My favorite unexpected plant combination was the variegated Irises with the Heuchera (coral bells) and a soft moss ground cover. I also loved the short ground cover type tulips at one display. I think I will definitely have to get some in the fall to put into my garden. Brent & Becky’s my favorite bulb catalog sells several varieties. I also fell in love with the Pear Espalier. Too bad I don’t have a place to put something like this.

Varigated Iris (front) w/Heuchera & Moss

Lovely Pink Tulips mixed w/ perfectly placed oak leaves


Creamy Yellow Tulips

Pear Tree Espalier


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  1. I’m impressed that the designers who worked with the ground tulips managed to create such a naturalistic display. They must have saved up those dried leaves from last fall to make this perfect spring display. I’m still trying to think about where an espaliered fruit tree might work in my “imaginary” garden. If one lands there you would be welcome to visit it anytime.

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