Why Yes I Did Just Buy a Large Blue Metal Goat!

July 30, 2012 — 2 Comments

Our New Pet Goat

Mr. S. has always wanted a pet goat. Fortunately we have come to an agreement, and it involves a life size blue metal goat. We first spotted her in Lambertsville, NJ a couple of weeks ago and have been thinking about him ever since. We were back up that way yesterday and decided to bring her home. I’m in love! She does not have a name yet, we are waiting for the kids to decide on one. We picked her up at the People’s Store (which is mostly an Antique Store). She is from Mexico and the only downside is that she is quite pointy, and we will have to make a concerted effort to make sure that no children try to ride her. I am also going to look into getting some stakes for her feet (to keep her from falling over and to also keep her a little bit off the ground).

Goat munching on my Hellebores

I was originally thinking that she would go in the side garden but I think her current spot is nice, so we can see her from the kitchen window.

Goat and the Garage

What do you think? Are we crazy?


2 responses to Why Yes I Did Just Buy a Large Blue Metal Goat!

  1. I love the blue goat! I was imagining her popping up in random spots all over your yard “Where’s Waldo” style. :)

    My best, Lynn

    • Hi Lynn (and welcome!). I like the idea of her moving around! I am also thinking that she will need to be decorated for the holidays. One of our (indoor only) cats has been spending lots of time staring suspiciously at her out the window. I can only imagine what he will think if we start moving her around. ;)

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