Andi & Neil’s Kitchen Part 4: Demolition

August 3, 2011 — 2 Comments

Old Chimney w/ hole in the top from the original stove. Th old plaster has been chiseled off the brick for the backsplash area. The top portion of the drywall and plaster will be covered with a piece of trim.

Old Cabinets removed (the old stove is waiting to be taken away and then the new one will go in)

Wall will be furred out to be flush all the way across

Old 1950s Wallpaper


They are still busy over at Andi & Neil’s house. Demolition is pretty much complete (except that the contractor conveniently left their sink & dishwasher in place for the time being). They are starting to work on furring out the wall with the stove, installing electric for the ceiling and patching the floor. And their new range was due to arrive yesterday afternoon. I had Andi take a couple of pictures for me (thanks Andi!). They also uncovered some pretty sweet retro wallpaper! And they figured out what the chimney in the corner was for…the old stove of course! I don’t know why that didn’t dawn on me before! In an old house there are almost always fun things (and not so fun things) to uncover. Fortunately they are now entering the put everything back together phase!


2 responses to Andi & Neil’s Kitchen Part 4: Demolition

  1. Actually, I’m entering the “ooh, I wonder if we can rearrange everything to move the range on to the other side of the kitchen to make use of that chimney” phase.

    I only say that because up to this point you’ve got me believing you have magical powers.

    • You wouldn’t want to actually use that chimney for anything. I’m sure it is nice and full of (most likely) coal residue. If I had magical powers I would move your basement stairs, install a half bath, hide them with moving bookcases and give you a big pantry. Although it would be pretty awesome to draw something in AutoCAD and have it magically appear. ;)

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