Flower Bouquets

May 4, 2011 — 2 Comments

Finished Bouquets in Plastic Cups (ready to be delivered)

Sorry I have been slow to post this week. I had a ground breaking for the Science Center at Cheyney University yesterday and it is Teacher Appreciation Week at school. I signed up to make 32 bouquets for the teachers at my kids’ school. I am not particularly crafty but I decided to pretend to be Martha for a couple of hours and put them together.

Goal: Create small pretty bouquets with at least one large flower in each

Budget: $50 tops

3 bunches of Tulips: 3 x $6.99 (at the Grocery Store)
3 bunch of Wax Flowers: 3 x $3.99 (at the Grocery Store)
2 spools of ribbon (1 thick roll (3 yards) & 2 thin role (10 yards) on sale at Michaels: 2 x $1.99

Total: $37

Tulip Leaf, Tulip, Wax Flower, Tulip Leaf, Thick & Thin Ribbon

Thick ribbon temporarily attached with pin

Finished Bouquet












1. Buy 1 type large flower & 1 type small flower in complementary colors.

2. Buy 2 types of ribbon (1 thick & 1 thin)

3. Put all of the flowers in  a large vase or bucket

4. Cut smaller flowers into short pieces (These were about 9 inches)

5. Cut thick ribbon to about 4-6 inches (this will hold the bouquet together)

6. Cut thin ribbon to about 12″.

7. Pick out large flower and cut. I also used a leaf from each tulip to help wrap the back of the bouquet.

8. Add a couple of pieces of the smaller flower in front of large leaf.

9. Add large flower

10. Wrap with thick ribbon and fold over end. (Or you could use a rubber band underneath)

11. Pin temporarily in place.

12. Wrap with thin ribbon and tie.

13. Take out pin.

14. Place in water.


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  1. Thanks for sharing this idea and for breaking it down into manageable steps. They are so pretty and now they seem accessible as well.

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