Scott Arboretum Plant Exchange & My New Planting Bed

May 14, 2012 — 3 Comments

Plants from the Plant Exchange & Sale

I hope everyone had a lovely Mother’s Day! I spent a good part of the day in the garden and am a bit sore today. I only managed to get one of the things on my outdoor list done, but it was important, so I will try and count the day as a success. Saturday was the Scott Arboretum Plant Exchange, which is one of my favorite events of the year! Members bring in plants (and the arboretum donates their extras) and then you exchange and/or buy new plants. The best part is that the plants that you “buy” after some plants are “exchanged” are only $1. I donated 6 plants (sensitive ferns & big ear lambs ear) and came home with 38 plants. I am usually in the 40-50 range on the plants, so this was a paired down year.

Pine Tree Shade Garden Before (Lamium)

Garden after removing the groundcover

I decided to take advantage of the exchange this year and use the opportunity to work on my shade garden underneath my pine tree. This area has been neglected for a while, I have been using ground cover as a place holder. So last week I pulled out the lamium (dead nettle) which is quite aggressive and tried to make some space for new plants. This space will also house a tire swing, so I need to leave some space for the kids in the middle.

Pine Tree Shade Garden Today (Tire is located where the swing will go)

It is interesting that the plants never go as far as you think they will, and I am still in need of more. but the good news is that I have some plants in the main shade garden that I can divide. I also need to move the kids tree stump table over a bit. It looks a bit sad I know, but the good thing about plants is that they grow and fill in.

Close up of New Garden

Cranesbill & Lambs Ear

Saxifraga Stolonifera

Wild Ginger

I am pleased that I  a nice variety of texture and color. Some of the plants that I picked up for this area include: cranesbill geraniums for the front (part sun/part shade), irises (usually more of a sun plant but seem to put up with part sun), hostas (divided from my garden), sedge (divided from my garden), lambs ear ‘big ear’ (divided from my garden), saxifraga stolonifera , asarum canadense (wild ginger), and variegated soloman’s seal, and bleeding hearts. It will probably be next year before I know how well these plants acclimate, in the mean time I need to keep them watered. This area is quite dry and it is a challenging spot with the pine roots. Fingers crossed at least some of these plants will think it makes a nice home and the bunnies won’t think that they are dessert.


3 responses to Scott Arboretum Plant Exchange & My New Planting Bed

  1. I think the new additions look great. Can’t wait to see it next year. I know I used the exchange to fill in my garden holes as well!!

  2. Becky,

    Thanks! I am really looking forward to them filling in. At least all of the rain should help!

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